April 15 – Tax Day


The true power of Congress resides in the constitutional power of Congress to control the purse strings of our Government. Congress has the constitutional power to refuse to fund items, to include executive orders and legislation, which in effect renders such items null and void. Sadly, Congress has failed to make use of the power to defund the unconstitutional acts of our Government.

Too many of our politicians are concerned with fattening their own purses rather than protecting the rights of “We the People.” Given that our congressional representatives have failed us in this regard, it is up to “We the People” to defund an out of control Government. I for one am willing to put my own financial wellbeing at risk in order to set an example for others to follow.

For the fifth year in a row I will neither be paying nor filing my income taxes. I am abstaining from paying taxes due to the fact that I cannot in good conscience support our Government’s actions.

As an American…

– I can’t support our Government’s continued assaults on freedom and liberty.
– I can’t support our Government’s continued assaults on our inalienable and constitutionally protected rights.
– I can’t support a Government that performs the majority of its work in secret with no accountability to the people.
– I can’t support a Government that starts conflicts and wages wars for profit.
– I can’t support a Government that has a ruling class that has a different set of rules than its citizens.
– I can’t support a Government that is attempting to destroy the traditional family unit.
– I can’t support a Government that continually results in new scandals and then does nothing to address said scandals.
– I can’t support a Government that misleads, misuses, and throws away its own soldiers.

As a Christian…

– I won’t support murder or oppression.
– I won’t support abortion.
– I won’t support attacks on religious freedom.
– I won’t support needless wars and mass murder.
– I won’t support slavery.

I cannot in good conscience support the actions of our Government and would consider myself morally responsible if I did. I’m willing to pay the price whatever that may be; I consider freedom, morality, and my soul to be far more important than any material benefits I might achieve by sacrificing my values.

The question you should each be asking yourself is: why are you willing to support our Government’s current actions? The answer for most folks will be that they pay our Government out of fear due to the potential repercussions. We should never have to live in fear of our own Government!

I don’t know if our votes at the ballot boxes count any more but I do know that I can still vote with my pocketbook and I sure as heck won’t finance evil!

God bless America and God help our Government!


Colin M. McGroarty


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